What Is Health Coaching?

Your Health Coaching experience will begin in the Initial Phase as you are introduced to your coach immediately after the readiness assessment. Your coach will help you choose the best date to begin your program, one which will promote success and minimize outside factors that may negatively impact you.  They will teach you how to transform your kitchen and pantry, and how to prep for success.  Once you begin, your coach will guide you through the protocol, ensuring you are following each phase correctly, optimizing your results, and helping you to achieve sustainable behavior changes.  They will empower you to take charge of your health and teach you how to eat clean.  Over the course of the 6-week protocol, you can expect to spend approximately 3 hours in one on one training, discussion and feedback sessions.  These sessions can be done in the clinic, virtually or on the phone.  In addition, your coach will be available by e-mail for any questions that may arise between your scheduled sessions.  All of our coaches have completed the Rejuvalyte Certified Health Coaching program to ensure they are prepared to help you succeed in all aspects of the protocol; dietary, exercise, and meditation.

Deepak Moosad, DC - Director of Health Coaching