The Importance of Community for Wellness

The components to living a truly healthy life are multiple.  Among them are clean eating, exercise, mindfulness, avoiding toxin overload, and a plethora of other things.  However, the importance of having people in our lives to help us on our road to wellness is often overlooked.

The age old adage; “It takes a village”, stands true when it comes to living a truly whole life on both a mental and physical level.  Having family, friends, partners, and even a team of healthcare professionals to motivate us is essential. While there are many people with the self-discipline to carry out a physically healthy lifestyle, the majority of us do need moral support and a little extra push.

Today’s society does create a bit of a problem when it comes to maintaining our “village”.  Too often work will cause us to move away from family and friends, or a busy lifestyle doesn’t allow for spending time with people.  In light of this, it’s important to create some time during each week to reach out to people that can become a support network for us on our journey towards health and wellness.  Whether we meet a friend or two to go for a walk or hike, or whether we become a part of an online community of like minded individuals, it is extremely helpful to have people to reach out to for ideas, inspiration, and motivation.

There is always a feeling of comfort and safety in numbers.  If making healthy changes to our life seems overwhelming or confusing, knowing that others are being supportive of us or who have been through similar situations can mean the difference between success and relapsing into unhealthy habits.

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