The Delicious Benefits of Oregano

A staple of Mediterranean cooking, oregano is a super-spice that truly packs a nutritional punch.  Not only does this small green herb add zest to your dishes, it also contains many health promoting properties.  Adding it to your dishes is just one way to add a pinch of wellness to your lifestyle.

Oregano is rich in Vitamins A, B6, C, E, and K.  It is also high in fiber, iron, folate, magnesium, calcium, as well as potassium.  This mighty little herb has also been found to be one of nature’s most effective antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal compounds.  The two main phytochemicals found in oregano, carvacol and thymol, have even been shown in several studies to have the ability to kill listeria, which is a food borne pathogen. Similar studies have shown that it can also destroy the superbug known as MRSA.  These studies have used oregano essential oil in high doses, however adding oregano, whether fresh or dried, to your food can also have noticeable health benefits.

There is evidence that adding oregano to your meat before cooking it may help reduce the toxic compounds that can form during the cooking process.  It also contains rosmarinic acid which is a powerful antioxidant and can aid the body in its defense against free radicals and oxidative stress.  This herb also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help with immune function, and other illnesses.  Other research has found that oregano can aid in detoxifying the body by promoting healthy liver function and speeding up the body’s ability to eliminate toxins.

The health benefits from this small plant are nothing short of impressive!  This is one herb that is definitely worth adding to your pantry or vegetable garden.  Using it on meats, soups, salads, or any savory dish of your preference will not only give them a delicious kick but will also add to the nutritional benefits of your meals.

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