Boosting Your Brain Power With Exercise

Living an active lifestyle has always been associated with keeping fit and overall physical health.  Exercise helps us achieve and maintain optimal weight and muscle function.  It also delivers cardio benefits and aids in everything from circulation, to digestion and more.  However, what is not always as widely understood is that exercise provides incredible benefits for your brain.

A study done by the Department of Exercise Science at the University of Georgia showed that even a 20 minute session of physical activity boosted memory function and information processing. So, how exactly does exercise help your brain?  The reasons are almost innumerable but include the fact that physical activity increases your heart rate which aids in circulatory function, pumping oxygen to your brain.  Exercise also aids in the release of hormones which help with the growth of brain cells.

A scientific study out of Sweden has also shown the direct connection between exercising and maintaining mental health.  The study presented that running produces a drop in stress hormones providing the brain with an antidepressant effect.  It also showed that running is associated with an increase in cell growth in the hippocampus which is the part of the brain responsible for memory function, and learning. Yet another recent study has shown that people who exercise regularly learn faster, think more clearly, remember more, and are able to recover better from brain trauma like strokes.  Essentially, working out your body, helps your brain maintain its cognitive function and integrity.

All in all, the benefits of adding regular exercise to your daily life are multiple.  Weight management, muscle tone, organ function, and now brain health.  Physical activity should be considered as important a part of your daily life as nutrition and proper sleep.  Please refer to our blog post on how to fit in exercise regardless of a busy schedule and lifestyle for tips on how you can get in your body and brain work-out.

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