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Rejuvalyte is a physician-supervised nutritional protocol that uses dietary management and lifestyle modification to support the body’s vital functions performed by the liver and gut. This optimization allows for maximum balance and healing of the body naturally. Rejuvalyte is clinically tested through an IRB approved protocol. The study showed that it is safe and clinically significant in lowering laboratory markers for metabolic syndrome. It was also found to improve overall health and wellness. Rejuvalyte has taken our approach of optimal detoxification to a global level by adapting our patient engagement platform to include virtual care. Our virtual clinic allows all office-based practices to participate in our program. Our Associate Rejuvalyte Doctor (ARD) Program provides you the ability to bring this life-changing protocol to your patients. As an ARD you will be a partner in the only Clinically-Tested Protocol of its kind.

Patient Report Card

At Rejuvalyte, our goal is to collaborate with you to ensure your patient will have the best possible results during the protocol. After your patient completes the program, we will provide them with a report card of their progress, highlighting their end-results and returning them to your care.

Sample Card

You have completed the Rejuvalyte Protocol with excellent results. You have achieved the following changes in your lab values:


LDL DECREASE of 34 POINTS (Pre: 167, Post: 124)



Hyperlipidemia: marked improvement with the protocol. I expect numbers to improve as lifestyle modifications continue. I recommend the Rejuvalyte for Life Program which includes 3 additional mini resets throughout the year. Follow up with your PCP as they indicated your goal LDL was under 100. I recommend repeating labs in 3 months, at that time, you and your PCP can formulate the best plan where medications are concerned.

Associate Rejuvalyte Doctor Program Includes:

The Rejuvalyte Team includes experienced physicians, health coaches, clinical researchers & pharmacists who have come together over the last five years and developed this unique protocol which is a first of its kind in the world. Together we support your practice and ensure patient satisfaction and amazing outcomes.

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